Regarding divorce proceedings

Hello sir 1) i applied for rcr 2) won the custody of child when wife filed heabeous corpus at high courts. 3) won rcr via ex party. 4) wife filed false complaints at various police stations we attended the meetings 5) wife applied for setting aside the decree. 6) during this time situation worsens . 7) i apply for divorce on grounds of cruelty. 8) i mentioned this in divorce petition that i will withdraw the proceedings of rcr on its next hearing. 9) i withdraw the rcr 10) in divorce case 2 orders were passed section 24 she gets maintenance. and in section 26 i got the custody of my daughter. 11) she filed a case of section 25 in guardians act . 12) pws and rws done 13) they kept on killing time . didnt came for arguments 14) tansfer case applied by wife ...judge sends the case for mediation puts stay on divorce case at session court .....mediation fails returns 15) arguments done 16) now the opp counsel says tht this case is not maintainable as rcr case was not closed . my advocate says it is as we mentioned it in the petition that we will withdraw the rcr and we did it. 17) there were 18 points of cruelty and 25 supportive evidences were submitted which were proved .....what i wrote in my petition was the truth and it was proved. 18) now my ques is whether this case is maintainable or not as we mentioned it in petition that we will withdraw the rcr case and we did it. 19) is in reality justice is served or its just that everyone takes the side of women. pls reply