Panel cancellation for assistant professor job advertisement

Some candidates were wrongly kept out of the interview process for a particular advertisement by Bihar Public Service Commission, and they filed a civil writ petition, which was dismissed by a single judge bench...In The subsequent letter patent appeal the two judge bench of Patna High Court stated on 21st Setember they had been wrongly debarred, but since the appointment for that subject (Maithili) has been completed by now , they stated, and I quote " In the result, we have no hesitation in holding that the present appellants have been wrongly debarred from appearing in the interview on the basis of the impugned order, which is based on unsound rationale and mis-appreciation of law. However, since the selection process has, now, come to an end, no positive direction would be appropriate in the interest of justice. ". For The English subject, on the other hand, results have been declared but appointments are to be made. By the same logic, some English candidates were also debarred. Should we fear that our panel may be cancelled and fresh interviews made to incorporate the candidates who might be newly eligible for English subject? Can a panel be modified/altered/cancelled thus? As per the judgement, the 'selection' process is stated to be over for Maithili. Can we consider the 'selection' to be over for English too, or is the process over only when appointments are made? The case no. is Letters Patent Appeal No.227 of 2016, Patna HC.