Correct way to approach to get the property.

Hi Sir, There is a property which belongs to my Grandfather, and he had 11 children. Out of which 2 expired long way back. So there are 9 people whom this property would be shared with , out of which my dad is also included [He expired when I was small] There was a Court notice that came to me and my brothers name to attend the same when I was Minor, and since I didn't knew much about it and I had no idea about it I didnt attend that session. But when I asked one of my local lawyer he told me since I was minor the court would keep an lawyer on behalf of me and after everything is done I will have to pay the court fee and take the remaining. Recently another notice came in but this time it came in my Mom's name stating that the judgement has been done and its being distributed among everyone. When I tried getting the information as if I was about to get an share, I wasn't provided any details. One of my uncle's informed me that it has been shared only among 8 ppl and one is left out, It seems My dad was the one who is left out. Can someone tell me how to go through this to get things sorted out. ? Regards, Santosh Lopez