Legal Remedy for Unavailibility of Death & Legal Heir Certificate

Sir I have applied for a Home Loan, and the legal adviser has asked for a copy of a certain death and legal heir certificate of a gentlemen whose name appears in title transactions of the said property in the year 1953. It appears that the gentle men has expired and his legal heirs have sold the property and to verify the same, he requires the copy. Now I have tried to obtain a copy but, I was informed that I cannot apply for the same and only a legal heir can apply and obtain the death and legal heir certificates, all efforts to track the said heirs are also without any positive result. In such an event, when I asked for a alternative legal remedy, they have failed to provide me any. Kindly suggest me an alternative legal remedy for the same. The property is in my name with clear title and the Revenue records hold my name. The property's EC is clear without any lean and the reflects my name as free hold. The Property belongs to an approved layout & I have obtained building plan approval for the house and I have paid the taxes and the receipts are on my name. I have been holding the property since 2014 December - around 2 years. The seller from whom I purchased the property has been holding the property since 2001 July - 13 years and the EC has his name in the last transaction. All efforts to obtain a copy of the death and legal heir certificate from the year 1953 are in vein. Kindly help me with an alternate solution.