Change of name in sale agreement

I have an apartment bought when it was in underconstruction and that time my husband was a Co applicant. . Even though I paid entirely for the property and emi. . We are now separated and getting a divorce next month. . Property is up for registering but builder says he needs noc om name change from my bank to proceed to sale deed.. bank says he needs the amended sale agreement to give noc. . Both won't budge. . And I am stuck Builder is not ready to do any changes in sale agreement. . Nor make a new one.. He would only execute the sale deed if I get noc from bank that they have no issues on the name change Also the fact that my to be ex husband s required to be present on registration date to sign that he has no claim. . He said ok for it. . I even have a notarised noc from him. . Saying he has no stake on it and the complete signing authority is me But the builder here says he can't make any changes on an executed sale agreement. . It's against the process Without this bank won't be okay for registering. . It's like the chicken and egg story Been fighting with these people from 2 months. The problem is my date of divorce grant is Oct 3 I am worried once that happens my ex won't bother to sign anywhere He would only be flexible until divorce. . Or he has no obligation. Please please help me with your advice. . Been helpless.