Harassment by husband in-laws filed dv . Husband file divorce

I have been since 2 years. Day 1 of marriage my in-laws abused me verbally and physically . It's Lawyer family. Demanded more even tough my parents fulfill their needs.my mother in-law has major influence on my hubby.whatever she says he will do it with out asking anything blindly believe his mother. I have adjusted alot he told me I should not open my mouth at all. Whatever she says just nod ur head. I agreed because tats starting phase.witb a hope that my hubby will understand me.but things getting worst day by day. She abused me physically and drag my hair driver out of house since my parents didn't give money which they demand .came back to my parents house . Dad despot money and hubby took me a separate house . He lived with me as per his mother instructions. He got all my jewels he too abused me . Beaten up me like hel. I got pregnant and always ask me to give a written statement that I don't need my parents I will not talk to them or see then life long which I refused to give. He used to ur dad didn't fulfil our demands. 5 months. My in-laws came to my home abused me physically not even c Thinking I m carrying their grandchikd. back to my parents. House.Gave birth to girl birth .no contact. I have gone to my hubby house by myself. Nthg changed in my life.again issue sanethg.now in my parents house. Filed dv . He s saying I m mental . So he needs divorce on ground of cruelty when we had fight and arguments we used to exchange unparliamentary words . At one point of time I can't just hear those words tats made me to lose my temper. He recorded those abs. Submit as proof.