Car accident section 227/337/338/427

Dear sir, 18 th may,2016 i met an car car collided with an alto car. Nothing wrong happend with us..but 3 people sat in alto got injured and was sent to hospital.. I admitted them in day they were released. So police himself lodged an fir against both the car. With section 227/337/338/427 against both the car and did not mention any name of any driver. 24 th may my driver took an anticipatory bail. 30 th may they released my car from police station. Sir . already 4 months have been past..i did not even receive a single call from police station or from the other party..even my law year also know nothing.( according to him). Sir, here i will tell you some 1) the othe driver age was abive 62. (Not sure he have a valied licence or not) 2) all the victims are very much local people and am a out sider just working here. Even i dont have any guts to go to police station to ask the matter.. Sir my question is that case is closed? Why there is no such call from court or police even after 4 months of fir Plz rpl Regards Ratul