Misappropriation of Government Money

Important points for consideration in G.R.Case framed against Alok Saha, then Sub Postmaster 1. F.I.R. of Disciplinary Authority against Alok Saha is based on misappropriation of Govt. money. 2. Police charge sheet against Alok Saha is based on same charge of misappropriation of govt. money u/s 409,406 and 420 I.P.C. 3. Hon’ble Court framed charge against Alok Saha u/s 409 and 420 I.P.C. on the basis of Police charge sheet. Whereas the Senior Superintendent Of Post Offices (Disciplinary Authority) under his memo under caption “conclusion” para already punished Alok Saha, then Sub Postmaster with reduction of three stages of his pay with cumulative effect on the same charge of Misappropriation of Govt. money taking into consideration of all those same documents seized by the Police, & cited in their charge sheet My question is that, Whether Hon’ble court will give punishment to the accused ( i.e. Alok Saha) on the same charge though he was already punished by his Disciplinary Authority?