Unwarrented medical tests conducted by medical lab

Im 22 years old male suffering from joint pain, swelling and thalassemia as well as bronchitis. I was instructed to get certain blood tests done by my consulting physician. i went to a very big MULTINATIONAL corporate lab (METROPOLIS INDIA) and they performed all the tests. but when i showed the tests to my consulting physician he told me that HE DID NOT ask for a certain test they had performed. The test is for magnesium, it costs Rs.400. the total bill for all tests included was Rs 11,000. My doctor assured me that this test was completely unnecessary in relation to my ailments and he did not ask for it. I want to ask them for a refund, i feel really betrayed. What legal action can i take against Metropolis india? I would rather not go to court if possible, i have not yet contacted them about this. How do i go about getting a refund and possibly some reparations for emotional damages from them? Kindly instruct me. Thanking you for your valuable time and advice.