I got married before 1.5years. The house is owned by my husband and during 1.5yrs of time, I gave him some amount of money 4-5times to repay loan or emi's. After marriage, my MIL expected my salary to be handed over to her and after my deniel on this, she started to manipulate my husband creating drama and crying in front of him when I am not around. My father in law have a good pension but due to nature of my MIL, he dont take care of her and stays at other rented house along with second son. My MIL visit them regularly but do not stay with them. My MIL is week in financial management and due to this she never had her own house till the date.That's why my MIL expect control of me and my husband along with our salaries and house. She created a picture in my husband's mind that me and my parents are trying to insult her, trying to create distance between my husband and his family. Initially my husband was good and understanding, was also supporting me against MIL but after provocation of my MIL, he started to fight with me specilly on financial matters. In 1.5yrs time frame, he abused me verbally and physically couple of time. In last few months, he was doing mental and physical harmlessness to me in front of MIL. He even abused my parents. Before 2 months, i left the house as I was not able to deal with it. Then my husband along with his parents meet me and my parents and suggested that we should go for mutual divorce instead of doing contested divorce. We agreed on some points and created draft for mutual where he was suppose to pay me some amount which he took from me to repay Home loan or Handloan taken by his mother. I didnt now ask for a single penny of his rather only asked to return my money which he borrowed. Even I was ready to return the gold which they gave me in marriage.But they dont wanted to pay me anything so they asked to stop the Mutual divorce process and told me lets try to sort out issues instead of calling off marriage. for next 3 weeks, me and my husband were meeting to sort out issues. However, meantime my husband files false case agaist me for divorce on ground of Cruelty. Just cos they wanted to return my money, they put false allegation on me. He dont wanted to stay together by solving problems so i was ready for mutual divorce as i dont wanted to do case and all. But he took advantage of my emotions. What can I do now? I never raised police complain for Domestic Violence happened to me. But now I want teach him lesson. I am working women and earn as good as my husband. House is on my husband;s name. but What legally I can ask (Property, house, financial compensation etc) during divorce? My MIL wanted cotrol of my house as well as my husband salary along with mind. When she saw, i will not give her mine she planned all this and my marriage ended up on border of divorce. If i give divorce without asking anything then she will free to get another girl for her son. But i also dont feel to trust husband again and adjust to stay together. What I can do to make sure, such people will get punished for their unfair behaviour?