Your valuables advice can help my child

I married in 2009 and have 2 kids boy6yr and daughter3 yrs my issue is that after 1 to 2 year my wife start fighting and abusing my parents and me fight without rision with me and involve my kids, I m adjusting as she want but she is not satisfied I left my parents 1 year ago start living with her but then also she fight with me without reason,several time our relatives sits together and compromise us ,she admit her fault and promise not to repeat at same time her parent never accept her daughter fault things going worst and she had an affair in my colony which also seen all of my colony I divorced her by saying talak three time in her mother and brother presence they not accept that also and make pressure on me to live with her after 3 month my father passed avay in this tention byvheart attach. Her parents pressurized me to handle her now condition is this I have changed 4 house in 3 month because she fight with me as well as landlord, in all what ever is matter she beet my kids very badly threatened them I will kill u and show them knife some time she sit on them throw them in road in front of cars and abuse me I calls her parent and they don't receivevmy phone or abuse me I have all call recording as well some video clip please help me what to do