Personal Loan

Dear sir. I worked for one 5 star Airlines in India for 2 years. Out of that 1 year I worked without salary , as the company in crisis. Later on airline shut is operations which lead my financial crisis, after that I got job in chain of restaurants. Later on to pay my previous debits I took personal loan from HDFC. And was paying EMI monthly after 10 months. Due my health conditions after a small accident. I quit job Some how I managed to pay 5 EMI more by selling my 2 wheeler and all. After that my financial condition were very bad and my health condition too.. suffered lot to recover my health. Now got decent job with less salary somehow I can met my monthly expenses. Now I'm getting threting call from Bank they will take leagal actions against me and they created a fake id in some girls name and texting all my Facebook friends to enquire about me. Most of the time I'm unable to answer their call as i was not permitted to carry personal phone into my work location. Feeling embarrassed please help me out