Fraud in office, company seeks refund

Hello, I have a courier firm in Andhra Pradesh and we serve an ecommerce site by delivering their products for over 1 year in 3 cities. We received an email from our company that nearly 20 lakhs worth of products were not returned to them, from one city's office. This was for the period of April-June 2016. The email was sent in August. It was upon our investigation that we realised that the supervisors and incharge of that office have delivered the products and updated wrong status and the money was not submitted to company, though they have not yet admitted to it. We have submitted FIR in local police station, and they are investigating the matter. The company is now asking us to pay the full amount immediately even though I have asked them for 2 years time as it is impossible for me to pay such a huge sum in this short period. I do not have any personal assets as this is my first business. Please advice on how I can deal with this issue with the company. Do I not have the right to repayment time?