Maintenance amount to wife if she is in father-in-law house

Respected sir, My name is Syed Raffi and I was working in abroad, during my absence due to some misunderstanding between my wife and my mother in India, my wife started leaving in my Father in law house. After two years my work permit expired and i came back to India, and working here now. When i ask her to come to my house she is refusing and telling me to take a separate rented house. My income is just 15,000 thousand per month and i also have some loan amount balance, so it will be very difficult to manage. I'm only one son to my parents so cant leave them also in there old age. After 6 years of our marriage she is doing these things, we are also two children's. She is also not letting my children's to leave in my home. When i took my cousin brother to my father in law house my brother in law uttered bad words. So i don't want to go to my Father in law house to see her. In many ways i advised her to come to home since i'm here and i will take care of every thing. Please advice me what to do now