False allegations

Hii.. My friend's brother got married in Feb 2016.. all ceremonies were completed normally..his wife went happily to her home for holi..i.e. on 22nd of march 2016. And did not come back.. initially her mother made excuses to keep her for long at her maternal home...slowly they started making issues of small things.. despite of the several efforts made by my friend's brother n his family.. the girl's parents never tried to sort things out.. now the girl has filed false complaint of domestic violence n dowry in women cell. On the very 1st day in the women cell she had given her statement saying that she doesnotvwant to come back as she does not feel safevat her husband's house. People at the women cell are trying to make the settlement between both the parties. But nothing is happening. The girl is demanding 15 lakh rupees, which is difficult for the boy's family to arrange.. kindly guide.. what should the boy can do... his wife stayed in his home for 3 weeks only. They didnot have any physical relation because the girl never let it happen.. in his safegaurds... the boy has some after marraiges photographs of the girl which show that the girl was not tortured physically ever..as mentioned in her complaint. Also he has some call records in which the boy's father agn n agn asking to the girl's father about when the boy n his father can come n take the girl to their home..and in the same call girl's father was either making excuses or simply refusing to meet for no reason. I just want to know how much these proofs r useful and what should my frnd do...shoyld he give in to her wife's unreasonable demands or should he fight against her?. And what about the divorce... Please guide !!!