My friend has lost signed blank non cts cheaque

Hi , In 2014, my friend has taken a non cts blank cheaque of mine for surety to take a loan (50,000 rs)from finance ltd. After two days he came back to me and asked me for the cts cheaque since non cts cheaque is not valid, I have given the blank cts cheaque. Now after 2 years, He has not paid the loan amount and the finance people have started giving torture to me, since he has kept my cheaque for the surety, so i have cleared the loan amount of 22000 rs which is pending from my friend to collect my cheaques. After clearing the loan, the finance ltd people have given back my cts cheaque, but if i ask my friend about the non cts cheaque. He is saying he has lost it in his house, My friend has prepared one affidavit in 100 rs stamp paper with all details and the non cts cheaque is lost by him, and he is the responsible if any issues related to that cheaque number. Now what i am worrying is , is that 100 rs stamp paper affidavit is enough if any issues arises for that blank non cts cheaque. Please help me.