Land Seller 420 Fraud hiding facts

Recently thought to purchase land for dairy in state - Chhattisgarh, Dist - Raipur, Tahsil - Arang - village - Paraskol, Land owner agreed in a decided price of Rs 2050000 however Value for 1.3 hectare land the real Govt Value was Rs 7,68,000 which I paid while registry to Owner by cheque and Rs 25000 in Cash same day however after doing this in next 2 days I came to know this land has been used for Loan by "Jila Sahkari Bank" and "Dena Bank" by Seller then i discussed the same with seller and decided to cancel the deal. Since we reached to Registrar office they said now its cannot be stopped. The cheque which I have given to seller while registry has been immediately taken by seller's creditor who was available on the spot while registry so seller said to me to stop the payment of this cheque we would do agreement on stamp paper for this and we did and i have that Affidavit given by seller. So and I stopped payment of this cheque by requesting bank. He has given me Declaration Stamp for this. Since registry cannot be cancel I said I can re-register this land to your name once it’s on my name if accidentally. Then i informed both the bank to send the notice to Tahseel Office to stop this registry. I am ready to revert this land to owner however seller saying he would lodge a FIR against me for forge registry. then I replied to him I have every point against him (Agreement Affidavit and Cheque cancellation dead) that he did forgery with me without declaring his loan to bank he sold me land with "Loan Book empty" which is needed while registry and Registrar did proceed so all of you will go in 420 Case. How come seller got clear "Rin Pustika" "Loan book" not stamped for loan taken by him by different bank how his book was all clear while presenting to registrar now he is blaming that he would lodge a case for forge fake registry. Kindly Please Advice how should I proceed with this. I am engineer working in Bangalore and tried to do a "Startup" Dairy business in Village to help villagers. With honest money and honest intention however this fake guy did 420 with me now threatening me for FIR i lost my mental peace now. Email Id - Mobile - 9739996727