I was married in 2009, i have a daughter & she is 6 years old now. Since the marriage he was not looking after me properly & even he was not having regular job. Even parents were not concerned about it. He use drunk & harras me & my family.. i was able to live with him. so i am staying with my parents.. with his support from past 7 years i myself taking care of my daughter. But 3 years met an person who knows all my past & ready to accept me along with my daughter. from past 7 years i did not tried for divorce nor my ex-husband also did not interfear my life. So i got married in feb 2016, but later few of my friends suggested to go through divorce. So in the month of may i applied for divorce and my lawyer said she will proceed for ex-parte divorce. And my present husband family now trying to make my marriage invalid, and they are telling my husband to leave me or else they said they will complaint in police station & they said they will fail a case against Us. And my husband want to leave his family & come out. But his sister"s & parents are making him scared, if he come out they will make legal problem, PLease check Suggest me