Hi All In 2009 i got married, but the marriage was not Registered, where i was not happy & my marriage last only for 4-5 months after that without any legal divorce he left me & went to abroad & turned back to me & i have a daughter also. And i was working in a private company were i met a personal in few years he become close to me & he was ready to marry me by knowing all my past. But his family not ready to accept me. So finally we both decided to get marry & Feb 2016 we both got married in front of our office collegues. And later when my present husband family come to know about my marriage. They asked to get my divorce paper. So in Aprl 2016 i applied for divorce in familycourt & got Ex-parte divorce decree in Jan 2017. Now what the problem is that my present husband family are not ready to accept me & even my husband are in there fever itself. Even he is changed & telling that he will not come & stay with me., Q 1. Please suggest me what to do further ? 2. What kind of step can i take legally to get back my husband ? Someone can please suggest me to stay with me husband.