I am getting Blackmailed

Hi! I met a girl on Tinder app, and she came over to my house, the next day. We didnt have sex that day, but after a few days, she kept coming over and we had a lot of sex in the next 2 months. During this time, I resigned from my job, because of some personal issues, and she shared the expenses with me for at least 2 more months. After that SHE broke up with me. I am stating it again, She broke up, not I. She knew from the start that I wont be able to pay her back as I was not working. And it was okay for a while. now after almost a year, she's been calling me, messaging me, reaching out to my friends on Facebook and every other media she can and is threatening to put a Rape and fraud case on me if I do not pay her back. The amount she's looking for is INR 50,000. I don't have that kinda money to pay her. Also, she stayed with me for almost 4 months and paid her share along with mine for 50% of the time. What do I do? Please help. She's from a minority North East race.