Dv case

Very long story but trying to be very brief. I was married in 1974, staying in a rented house, got a daughter in 1975 but I was continuously harassed by my wife eversince my marriage on petty reasons. The quarrel went on increasing day by day and she became bolder and bolder. She filed in all 7 police complaints in a span of 1990-1992, filed a divorce case in 1992 but withdrew it at the intervention of my practicing lawyer aunt. My relatives, friends did try to patch up but her relatives were aggressive and supported her to fight. Even a well known marriage counselor did not succeed. I purchased a new ownership flat and moved alone to it in 2005-2006. Wife was very much happy to stay alone at the rented premises. I used to visit the old house once in a while. All was quiet but not at all well till 2014. I sensed something wrong and approached District legal aid service for marriage counseling. He also failed. My wife has now filed a case under DV act without giving a single instance of violence. Basically she wants to stay alone at the cost to the husband. After this there are still more complications which I do not mention here. My lawyer has moved an application for dismissal on the ground of time limitation since my wife in her application has confirmed that I am not in domestic relationship with her for 7-8 years. Is it justified ? Need I take any different approach ?