Child custody

I got married in may 2012 and have a son out of wedlock. Who is now 3.7 yrs. After birth of my son ie. may 2013 my wife left from my house with my 3 months old son and went to her parents. Later she flew to uae without my knowledge or information. I was surprised to see her I I with my son, when she met me with her father asking for signature on khula(divorce demanded by wife) papers made by them. Which was then settled by my uncle(via POA) in india thru shariah court, as I was in uae at that time. I really couldnt understand how she made the passport of my son, without my signatures, also our marriage was not registered( just a nikaah by local kazi). The birth certificate of my son proves his relation to me but does not specify mothers full name. My xwife has her old passport and all her legal documents with her fathers name. After she managed to skip to uae with my son, till then I had left my job and returned back to india. So since 3.5 year i have not seen or met my son. This is total injustice against me. I asked for help from the same shariah court where khula took place but they did nothing and favoured my xwife onesidedly. Even after knowing that my xwife has remarried someone. I have filed a case for custody and parental visiting rights for my son. But the issue again is xwife is in uae with her father and her new husband. She dosent come back to india now. The court is continously failing to deliver them notices for past 8-9 months. Please guide me to take back custody of my son as he will be well taken care of and maintained at my house. Rather than with xwife who leaves my son to babysitter and goes for work. Also my xwife is bit psycho by nature and will definately brainwash my sons innocent mind.