Full and final settlement

I have been asked to leave company due to cost cutting along with 5 more employees. I have worked with the company more than 3 years. I have requested not lay off me due to my liabilities and family expenses and was agreed to take much less salary than one whom they want to retain/ replace me. Instead they fired me and retained my junior colleague in my place and told me I will be on 1 month notice and need to give knowledge transfer to junior colleague, which I agreed and gave him knowledge transfer. Meantime I have started searching job and got hired by another company. That time I requested to give my releaving letter and increment letter. But they have not given my increment letter. Due to which new company also not gave me standard increment on previous salary package. I have no other option so joined new company after serving a month notice period in previous company. I have requested previous company to settle my dues i.e notice period salary and bonus amount as per the agreement and HR discussion. Previuosly they said we will release final salary soon. But not released. Instead asked me to give my new company details and project details where I am currently working, so that they will check and release final settlement. I gave details also but still not released after 2 months. So got frustrated and called director of company to told this and he also didn't help me. HR called me told why you're calling director, we will not give anything now. Later I kept contacting. Again HR came back saying I have not maintained operational documents in my service time hence they are Not going to release the final payment. I said that whatever documents, knowledge sharing is given at the time of notice period hence it will not make any sense now to block my payment. It's six months now still my payment is not cleared. Please help me now how to get my dues cleared.