Vacate of stay petition

Sir, I have filed vacate stay petition before HC (CRLP 9029/2015) Its been a year since the petition files but not taken up for hearing . Since last month it got listed but my advocate not giving assurance that it will be over soon i enquired with another advocate he says some times it takes a year even after listing. I am really afraid this really pathetic judicial system . My case was very straightforward where there all the dcoumentary evidences available even the collector initiated action against the Gov employees based on my complaint in Lokayuktha. Inspite of all the evidences, the accused are using the Loopholes like this to delay the proceedings. In my case there are total 7 accused two of the accused first applied for vacate stay got rejected . Another two applied managed(?) to get the quash/stay order thus leading to delay of one year i filed case in 2011 still nothing happened. I am sure that the stay gets vacated. Can the accused has right to approach Supreme court to delay further. Or should i approach directly Supreme court to avoid further DELAYS.. Please advise