Divorce from my wife

Myself Imtiaz Ali staying dubai since 2011 Basically from Telangana. i got married in may -2015. Mine is arranged marriage, My wife and her family cheated me and family members. After marriage we got to know that my wife has a younger sister than her who is married and also have children. They hide this matter with us when we asked about this to my brother in law he lied to us that my wife is younger.and later when we got to know the truth, at that time they are speechless. after this i asked my wife to give her study certificates and ID card to apply for passport she refused to give me i don't know the reason but we got to know from others that her age is bigger than me. Even some days she used to say me that she will suicide if i say something to her.I was much afraid of all of these and after 20 days of my marriage i left her in her home and i came back to dubai without informing to her. Since then i was not in contact with her now i need divorce from her please advice me how to get easy divorce. Now a days my brother in laws are warning me and my family that they will kill me how to deal with this issue am in Dubai now can i submit an IP against me and my family in India. What is the best way to get divorce please Help