Succession certificate

I have a question. I have been granted a Succession certificate to claim all the dues of my late wife. which includes the company were she was working (Gujarat Alkalies and Chemicals Limited, an semi govt. gujarat company) and India Post. For the entire amount i have paid a amount of Rs. 75,000.00 as a court stamp fees Court has clearly mentioned and ordered Post office to pay the amount to me. later on came to know post office has paid the entire amount to second name holder. This account had 2 names first was my wife's name and second was my sister in law. We had proved in court the entire amount was brought by my wife. Know if the post office has paid the full amount to my sister in law, my question is what about the stamp paper fees i paid to court to claim this amount? Can i get back my money? Second issue is the company were she was working, had a fund called "Employers Contribution One Day Salary Fund" which the company is not ready to pay. All this matter is pending since Sept 2011. I am lossing interest on those amount. Who is going to pay me the loss.