Cheated by a woman

I was in love with a girl ,I m Hindu and she is Muslim. Initially I never wanted to be in physical with her but one day she forced me to go physical and we did. After that we were in physical relationship of 2yrs (2014-2015). In between she used to tell me for marriage but I said give me time till 2016,but she used to abuse a lot for that,but I always assured her that I will never leave her. She did lots of confession that she will marry me and never be intimate with other one and we made together personal videos too. But in between her marriage has been fixed by their parents which finally couldn't happen by some circumstances. Now she is denying for everything and don't want to marry me. She used me a lot emotionally,physically, financially and mentally. For her I even converted to Muslim also. I have everything if I reveal then it will be very shameful for both. But finally I realized that she raped me by every means. Is there any section by which I can file a case or send a legal notice to her or any how she will ready to marry.