Whether my is still entitled to maintenance and not hit by sub-s

Sir, my wife has deserted me fourth time without any information to me during my absence in home. She went to her maternal uncle's house with the wife of her maternal uncle. i send my friends, relatives to bring her back. she refused to come back. she has filed a case for maintenance u/s 125 cr.pc. she has accepted in oral evidence and written - in- chief that she has been provided medical treatment, maintained well, and the reply of the OP are true. she has written in her dairy that she was not willing to marry the OP and married OP under force of her parents, questioned them why they have not given her marriage to any one of them who wanted to marry her and would have been grateful to marry her. Because of her negligence our son who went to bring her back from her father's house and fell sick there did not get proper treatment, she could brought to my company's own hospital , get free treatment. son died because of wrong treatment by Quack doctors. she confessed that in writing. she used to take my all income and spent and kept record in those diaries. she wrote reports of visiting all tourists places. i have met her at her father's house 24 times, given her money, requested her to come back, she has received my letter requesting her to come back. she has said in court that she would not come back. Now my question whether she is still entitled to maintenance and not hit by sub-section 4 . Kindly advice. regards.