Nri divorce

I am working in Dubai since August 2014. I got married in the month of Feb 2016. before 10 days of marriage, I tried to convince that do not want to get married; however, was forced upon as it was a matter of 'girls family's honor'. I brought her to Dubai in month of May 2016. (as I was short on money then) she was living at my parents house at that time, creating fights, drama everyday. sometimes she would faint, sometimes she would act as if she is going in depression and take anti depressants (as she claims), threaten that she would kill herself if I did not bring her to Dubai. after coming to Dubai she continued to same old story of depression; however, I would find from other sources that she was seen during the day at seesha lounges and bars drinking with her friends. the day she threatened me that she will kill herself, I came to India along with her. this was in last week of May. since then we have not met each other. could someone help me on which grounds can I divorce her and which would be the fastest way as I cant take this mental torture and fear for long. awaiting your expert advice.