How to evict the family member from tenanted property?

The tenantship of the room no 9 from South Mumbai was in my grandfather's name and was transferred to my maternal aunt's name according to my grandfather's wish nearly after 13-14 years since he expired. Her cousin with his family was also using the room though he had another room no 6 in the same building on same floor. Neither my mother, my real uncles nor her cousin had taken any objection while transferring tenancy in her name that time.Even her cousin's son got married and shifted to suburb side on the same day. We also shifted from there. My aunt also came to stay with us. After few years my aunt's cousin's son came to stay in his room(6) and asked about using her room(9) she is alone she allowed to use the room. He is staying for 15 years, he has paid rent only for 5 to 6 years thouth receipt sta in my aunt's name. He is having some documents like adhar card, election card, driving license, passport with the address of both the room (6&9) but only ration card and electricity bill shows the address of his room(6). He is also having a flat in suburb. Now the situation is we are in possession and he is also using the room and he kept his belongings in her room. 1) Could he be called gratuitous licensee? ( he has paid 5-6yrs rent) 2) could he go for tenantship/ joint tenantship? 3) could anyone take any objection about my aunt's tenancy after 17 years?