Cruel torture of husband and mother in law

Hello, my name is Sana Iqbal and I have a Facebook page "Suicide is NOT the solution" which is about a 6.5 months campaign in which I traveled 111 cities in India and Nepal solo on my Bullet to raise awareness against suicide and depression by conducting lectures in colleges. It all started due to my personal misogyny of fate where my second marriage was in splits and I didn't know the fate of my son who is now 15 months. I had been dating my husband since 2011, I also purchased a car in his name as I was not eligible for a loan at that time. In 2014, he took ?1500000 from me to close the car loan and within ten days he got married to another girl (the loan is still unpaid). Later he made a lot of stories and divorced his first wife and got married to me. I thought things will get better but I was so wrong. Within 4 days, my mother in law started her torture and made my life extremly miserable. She called me characterless and kept screaming at me for more than 3 hours when I hd gone to watch a movie with my husband. That was the last time i went for any movie with him as he never took me out anywhere. Even when I went to the hospital for pregnancy check up, she would call me shameless and experienced of sleeping around with men because I went with my husband and did not tell her. My husband who was initially ok, later started yapping her words in everything. It began effecting my health. Then one day, I was in office doing night shift, I didn't feel well so I called my husband who was also doing night shift but his phone was switched off. So I called his manager and his manager told me that he was on a planned leave along with another female colleague (I always had suspicion about their so called friendship and he also got physically abusive when I had casually asked him). I called that woman, it was 3:30am, her phone rang once and second time she switched it off. I got to know that they were together. I called but until 5:30-6 but no response so I booked a cab and went to his house and took one gold necklace and 1 ring and 1 mangalsutra which he had given me in marriage because at that time I did not have money for hospital expenses, it was my 7th month. I did not want to stay with a cheater who was a womanizer and knowing his track record, I knew he will never give me money (which eventually came true). Next day he came to my office and created a big scene. I have a proof of this. Then went to my relatives at 5am and told nonsense to them... It was too much torture and I was hospitalized with negligible heart rate of my baby. He came to the hospital and created a huge scene over there (all doctors and staff are a proof. Through some miracle, my baby got saved & I tried numerous times to reconcile and he kept insulting me. Once he took my baby of 15 days after creating a big scene at my house and asked for the gold to be returned when I told the gold is in the bank then he took away my royal enfield in exchange of the baby. It took me a lot to get out of this depression. My career went for a toss. Now after all this, he came back and was asking to meet his son and I cooperated. Despite that he kept torturing me. Asked me for a 43" Led tv in dowry which I gve him on 19 August. Despite that he keeps insulting and torturing me. I have started developing chest pains and very often I get panic attacks. I really want him to know and realize my goodness and his evil nature. His mother is always there to triger fight and she was always the one asking for dowry & kept instigating me. Once when I had gone to her house to take my shoes as I had a wedding, she forcibly threw me out of the hosue and lied to my husband that I was physically violent. Just imagine, a girl like me whose bike is 200kgs, if I have to get physical with a 50 year old woman, would she be in home or admitted to hospital. They are cheats. There is so much more which I have not written yet.