Proper land converted into kharab - B

Dear sir/madam, This is Anukumara P from Chitradurga, Karnataka. I have choosed this media to get an answer to the following question which is related my property (Agricultural land). We have an agricultural land which measures 1.26 Acres (1 Acre and 26 Gunta) in a village near chitradurga. This we bought it from one of our villager in 1960s. From that time our land measurement is same as I mentioned above with zero kharab land (neither A nor B). We have every document to prove this measurements. In the early months of this year (2016), government conducted the land survey throughout the village including ours. After this survey, government has changed our land measurements in RTC which is now showing total land as 1.27 Acres in that 4 Gunta is Kharab - B. That means they have reduced our land by 3 Gunta. We are surprised even shocked after seeing this new measurements in RTC. I have investigated this issue in Talok office and I got an answer that government has reduced our land for the road purpose. Yes, there is road passing side by our land but that's not an legal one. That road has been formed by mutual understanding of formers, hence that road is not in the NAKSHA (map) of our land's survey number or survey sketches. I mean to say, road is formed by mercy and we were having control on the total land including road. But now we don't have any rights on that 3 Gunta land. Before asking suggestions I want to confirm that.. *Government hasn't issued any notice to us before converting our proper land into Kharab-B. *Government hasn't considered survey sketches or pervious road maps which were legally formed at the time of first survey. *Government should have use extra land which will be reserved for roads purpose in every survey number (According to old Road maps) *Government should have reduce small amount of land in each land owners comes within that survey number. Then they should have move our land little away from the road so that our land measurements wouldn't change. Please give me suggestions on *What actions I should take to stop this activity?? *Who will be the authorised person to ask directly?? *What are the legal actions I can take to get back my land?? Plz clarify me all the possible actions. I am very worried about this issue as this done by government. we don't want loose our small land for public purpose. Many of the influenced persons (having 5-10 Acres of land) are unaffected but we are affected because we poor and less strengthen. Kindly show me some directions to fight against this cheating. Thank you for your upcoming suggestion. Regards.