Harassment by in laws

Hi, I am 25 years old. I belong to a rajput family where love marriages are not allowed so i got married to the person which my family selected for me. I got married on 14th february 2014 in a rajasthani family. My courtship period was of 2 year before that means my marriage was fixed in 2012. In those 2 years my husband and in laws behaved very well with me and as my family as well. They promised me of a gud future that they will make me enter my husband's business and they will keep me happy etc. When i got married, from the next day only, my mother in law's behaviour got changed. For eg, on the 1st day after marriage i got ready at 6am and went to my mother in law to ask about how to do the work and she scolded me that wake up at 7pm from 2mrw and don't disturb everyone's sleep in the home and go to your room now. I went silently. In first few days my husband supported me but my sister in law and mother in law used to torture me with their talks like "humare yaha to itna gold chadta h, tu to kam laayi hai" and my marriage costed around 40 to 50 lakhs and my mother in law and sis in law used to say "jhoot bolte hain tere ghrwaale, shadi me kuch nai lagaya unhone". Then with the running time they started brain washing of my husband and my father in law. After 2 months of marriage my sister in law started sleeping with me n my husband. I was not even allowd to say "why is this happening. I used to work at home for the whole day and when in the evening my husband used to come, my mom in law used to say "beta aaj to thak gayi, sara kam maine kia h" and there are many more instances which happend like this which i beared silently because of my family's respect. This all increased after a time of 3 months. They tortured me and threatened me to finish all the relations with my own family and said that if you want to live here, you have to break all the relations with your family. I said yes in fear and jat because i dnt wanted to see my family hurt ir suffer. I stopped talking to my family and they never allowed me to visit them or them to visit me. My whole jewellery and every dowry item was occupied by my mother in law. All i had was clothes. She began to play politics and did my husband against me. The reason of my marriage to break is just that "one day my mother was not well and i wanted to see her and visit her just for one day" and my mother in law, sister in law and my husband tortured me so much that they made me cry badly and my husband even slapped me. I cried silently and when this was not even enuff, they called my parents and asked them to take me back with them. I begged them not to bring my family in all this but they did. My parents came and tried to talk to them but my in laws shouted and abused so my family had to take me home in such circumstances. And today its been 1.5 years waiting for them to take me back and they did not even called once or my husband called me once or msgd me once. I started working after coming home and it was the1st time i was working bcoz i never wanted to be a burden on my family. My in laws made issue out of that too ( they cropped my puctures with my male co workers from facebook and made posters out of them) and tried to prove me characterless (does this prove anything against me?) and my all the jewellery and everything is still with my inlaws. Now im tired if waiting and trying to save my marriage. I want to end it now. I just want the amount which was given and applied by my parents in the marriage. Thats it. I dnt want his single penny. Please guide me for this. Because i stay unwell due to all this. Not able to focus on my career and feels very depressed all the time. Should i file the case? How much time will it take to end it all? Will i get my money back? I dnt have any proof against him. Im helpless. Because i never knew this was coming. What should i do now??? Please please help.