how to get divorce and save my family's reputation

I am highly qualified man and managed farming business . I am coming from high prestigious family in our cast. I come to main story about my marriage life. 4 yera ago I engaged sona (msw)who lived in anand. Before marriage both we attached with love faith and trust. During this time she said about her past she said that her brother's brother in law played with her feeling and sympathy. She innocently said that he had a purely malafied intension with sex with false promise. That time I am very socked to hear this and confused what can I do. That time I hear my soul voice and I didn't wish to she may committed suicide. So I put one conditions to her and family that person never come during she would live here and our marriage fuction. I totlly aware to all this to his brother and mother about she suffering. So her brother in law gave promise he neber come but that person definatelly come to our marriage fuction and maintelly torcher my wife. After marriage my wife said to all promise broken by her bother. That time I consolate my wife and told dont worry now u r at my home. The turning point of my life was where she leave my family after 3 years for dispute with my mother. Its very little issue. But somebody take chance to broken my relation. So her family memeber dont gave positive reply to return her to my home. They were killed time of 8 month. After that they called my relative and family to compromise but all are clear ready to compromise formula but her brother open a issue of her past and false blemming me to dought of her character. My family memeber and my wife shocked and that time I am not in meeting meanwile my wife message me to her family memeber open the wrong issue and said all things attched her past in front of all both side relative. after few days next meeting I reached there and all true details indicated about the past guilty persone . But that time I shocked my wife was seted with her family and tried to blemming me about dought character. So I was understand that all in laws member were try to bleming was true but that time I remeber that I read to all messages of first meeting which sent from my wife. Now I loose my impression in our family and its make prestigious issue for me. Please give best advice for how to get divorce.