Hindu Undivided Family

There is a HUF property, the rent income from which is being assessed in the hands of HUF till now. However, now a new prospective tenant wants to pay the rent in the name of the Karta only (in his individual capacity) and he will also be deducting TDS on the same in the name of that Karta. In this case, I have the following queries: 1) Can an individual (Karta), let out the property owned by HUF (consisting of himself, his son and his daughter-in-law), in his individual capacity and receive rent? If yes, is there any written documentation/ authority required to be given by the HUF in the name of the Karta to let out such property and get the rent in his own account. 2) In such case, can the clubbing provisions apply due to which the rent income need to be included in the return of HUF. 3) In this case, the tenant will also be deducting TDS on the rent he pays to the Karta in his individual capacity. So if clubbing applies can the individual claim the refund of tax deducted at source while filing his tax return.