Water Lines Disconnected by The Society

I am a Shop member of the Runwal Estate A Co Op Housing Society, in Thane, Maharashtra, having 20% of members are shop owners & 80 % are Residential flat owners. The Chairman & the Secretary, both are non - members (associate members), but acquired these positions forcefully. They have disconnected water connections of all the 20 Shops forcefully, in Aug' 2015. Our Bore well water connection was disconnected for last 4-5 years and Municipal / drinking water connection was disconnected since more than 1 year. We all the shop members have given various complaints for last 1 year to Asst Commissioner, Thane Municipal Corporation and to The Deputy Registrar of Co Op Housing Societies. ( we have copies of our complaints, duely signed as received by Registrar office ) No Action has been taken by The Municipal Authorities or Deputy Registrar of Co Op Housing Societies, Thane ( we have copies of our complaints, duely signed as received by Thane Municipal Corporation office ) We have tried to lodge the complaint against the Managing Committee members, at Police Station, but the Police informed us, to give a complaint to Deputy Registrar of Co-Op Housing Societies, Thane, and the DDR will instruct the Police to take the action. Thus refused to lodge our complaint. ( though the police have refused it, we have purposely mailed our complaint to the Poleice station Main ID.) Please guide us Thanking you, All Shop Owners Runwal Estate A CHS, Thane