Compensation for certificate

Dear Advacate, My name is Maria Johnson and working here in Oman as safety engineer. I had submited my original certificate for the visa process and later i came to know that they lost my certificate. please advise me and see the below email conversation. PZIC NDMQ HSE Sep 13 (5 days ago) to Hassan, Markus, Markus, me Dear Hassan, As I informed you many times that I had submitted my original certificates (MBA-Master of Business Administration) for the visa process to our PRO at head office while I joined with PZIC. Later I came to know that the certificates lost by our company and I already informed to the management for getting my certificate back. But still I couldn’t receive yet. Now I received termination letter due to cut off manpower, for that I am in one month notice period and I shall leave on 4th October 2016. Until and unless I get the original certificates, I can’t get another job or I can’t apply for some other companies. It will take couple of months to get my Duplicate Master degree certificates from my college and University and additionally two weeks more for attestation. The compensation what I am asking for my financial loss, in terms of immediately not getting a job, the compensation for mental agony and trouble. I am requesting to PZIC to paying me 2000 OMR (Include all expenses). So please advise me as it will be a huge relief. Thanks and Regards, Maria Johnson HSE Engineer Dear Maria, As you been informed from the last year about your certificate which I remember that myself informed you the certificate was lost before I joined and clearly I informed you we will take the care of cost of the duplicate copy. Since that time you did not take any action from your side even you left to your vacation which it was enough time to apply and unfortunately you did not do anything. Currently we are responsible for the cost of the duplicate and the attestation not more than that, compensation the company will not pay for the delay costs from your side. Regards Hassan