Partition of ancestral property

There was a partition of ancestral property in our family in 2002 through 'Family settlement of partition' by an unregistered deed. Distribution of land was not equal in measurement and cost. All the houses were given to one person without giving any compensation. There was no consideration for other articles like trees, furniture and books etc.. Is there a chance of getting any relief. As the deed was not a registered one, can a suit of partition be filed now.The partition was between our father's and uncle's share in the property created by our grandfather. However our great grandfather's property is not partitioned. There was agreement to renovate the old ancestral house but that was also not done. I have a sixth share in the house which is being solely enjoyed by one who is entiled to one-twentieth share. I have to live in a rented house. This partition was done by our cousin having special power of attorney for partition of co-sharers of our uncle's side. Please give your valuable and learned advice. Thanks, Yours.... etc.