Birth Certificate

I have recently moved to Hyderabad from a town in Karnataka which also happens to be my birthplace. I don't have any legal documents with me except an Aadhaar card which was made in that town as well. So apparently, I have no Hyderabad based documents to support my proceedings of all the other legal documents like passport, pan card, bank account, etc. I personally want to have all my documents made from the Hyderabad address. So I thought I could get a fake birth certificate made with a minute change in its name and birthplace. The name has to be slightly changed from 'Shakeeb' to 'Shakib', and the birthplace has to be changed from 'Raichur' to 'Hyderabad'. Is it possible to do so? If yes, who will I have to consult? The birth certificate then made will technically be fake. But will it officially be legit and acceptable? I really need to get this done. Please help! P.S: I've posted this question under civil law. If the matter of births and deaths doesn't fall under civil law, I beg you a pardon since I don't have a lot of knowledge about it.