I got married in 2014 and since then my wife is not staying with me as she doesn't want to leave her parents house.she is working in MNC in Hyderabad and I am working in Bangalore.During the marriage ceremonies I have not taken any dowry and no house hold things were given to me.It has now continued for more than 2 years and I have visited her house several times and I have not got any proper response from their parents and finally they have told me that they doesn't want to send her daughter to Bangalore and they are ready to give divorce if I pay them 2 lakhs for which I have not agreed as I have not done any fault.Recently I have sent a notice to send my wife along with me for which they have replied saying that I used to harass her and beat her daily.Where in she has just stayed for 3 days in my house and then went back to her mothers place as she wanted to rejoin office.She doesn't want to stay in my house and they also tried to make me stay away from my parents which didn't work out.Now they have sent a reply notice stating that they have given so much of amount as a dowry when its a false allegation.we didn't had any physical relationship neither she has stayed with me.How to seek divorce without paying her anything as I was not at fault.