Am I elgible under OBC Non-Creamy Layer?

Hi, I am 26 years old and I am based in Mumbai. I work in IT sector with an anual salary of 5.00 lakhs per annum. I live separately from my parents who are aged 59 (Father) and 55 (Mother). I have an elder sister who is 29 years old and is married. I come under an OBC listed caste (Sonar), however for years I have filled all my admissions under General category as both my parents were working. My father continus to work in PVT sector with annual income of 8 lakhs per annum and my mother had retired from state government job back in 2012. She currently gets pension of approx 2.4 lakhs per annum. About a year back, I shifted my base to a new place as I wanted to live separately. I have recently acquired a ration card for my new address. As I am no longer financial dependant on my parents and neither do we share the same ration card, can I apply for OBC non-creamy layer status? I intent to pursue a masters degree next year from Mumbai University which has OBC quota provided you are under non-creamy layer. Will I be considered for OBC quota or should I apply under General category since my parent's income exceeds more than 6 lakhs per annum, in spite of us living seperately? Also do education institutes (Mumbai Univeristy in particular) have quota for OBC creamy layer as well? As far as my knowledge, OBC creamy layer is as good as General category, so displaying the OBC status is of no use.