Will of father

Dear sir, some legal issues with us : 1. my father had dead on 4.08.2013, he had prepared the will before two years of his had. as per will , a land acquired by his distributed among all his five sons , all sons are agree with the will. 2. sons are not yet executed this will and neither applied for transfer the name in thasil . 3. now this land has been acquired by govt. for to built the national highway and issued notification , and declared compensions amounts againts land in news papers in my father name . 4. since the amount is not satisfactory, because beside of my land other owners get rate rs 1090/ sqm while we get in hectare rate rs.1250000/ hect because my land are total 5500 sqm acquired and rate rs1090/ sqm for those whose land area are less than 2500 sqm. my question is that: 1. since all sons are not applied for batwara before thasil or before patwari in their name. 2. if this batwara has been made than every member would got less than 2500 sqm land and get rate rs 1090/ sqm 3. if now we applied for batwara before thasil and it has done , and every members got less than 2500 sqm area of land . in this situation can we get compensation rate of rs. 1090/ sqm .