Procedure for inherited property transfer

Hi, We have one house and some vacant land surrounding house in Andhra Pradesh. All the property is in the name of my my mother. My mother has expired few years back and recently I got Family certificate ( legal heir certificate??). We are two brothers in family, my brother has given me GPA, and as he lives out of India and don't have Adhaar card, by considering GPA given by my brother, revenue department has issued family certificate to me ( contains only my name in it). - Is this family certificate legally valid, as it has only my name? - My brother is fine with getting property registered in my name, can I register property in my name using family certificate and GPA given by my brother? - GPA given by my brother was registered in Karnataka and property is situated in Andhra Pradesh, can I use this GPA? Finally what documents should be changed to my name to get the clear ownership? i.e. - I have applied for tax changed to my name in municipal office. - Planning to go for registration. Is there any other procedure involved? please provide details.