Proposed revision in building plan.

Hi , Thanks for the informative content you share from time to time. I would appreciate a prompt response as time is short. I need to know whether a developer can ask for payment after proposing revision to the building plans of a multi-storeyed residential apartment complex ,planned revision has been sent to the DTCP office gurgaon . As you would be aware they also notify buyers through leading dailies and through post. I have objected to the revision in building plans to the developer and DTCP gurgaon and i have conveyed that my bba (builder buyer agreement ) is tied to the building plan, that the developer is trying to revise. Last year , same happened with another reputed builder in gurgaon and they agreed to change to another project or settle in a manner i was fine with. As per BBA ( builder buyer agreement) terms , as a buyer , I have agreed to not raising any objection to the revision in layout, building or floor plan. But they have to invite objection from buyers, as per the rules and which they have .I can share the relevant bba terms. Awaiting ...thanks.