Property sharing guidance for Hindu family in Karnataka India

FAMILY TREE DETAILS My Great Grandfather (lets call GGF) has two children [1 married son (My Grandfather lets call GF) and 1 married daughter (lets call GGFD)] - None alive GGF also had an unmarried brother (lets call GGFB) who is also not alive GGFD has 4 children (3 male and 1 female) - lets call Ma1, Ma2, Ma3 and Fa1 (all are alive) GF is married to GM and has 6 children (3 male and 3 female) - lets call Mb1, Mb2, Mb3, Fb1, Fb2 and Fb3 (GM and all are alive) Ma2 is married to Fb1 and Ma2 is married to Fb2 Ma1, Ma2, Ma3,Fa1, Mb1, Mb2, Mb3, Fb1, Fb2 and Fb3 are all married before 2005 PROPERTY DETAILS - including transfer legs 1. GGF owned 3 pieces of land in different locations (P1 P2 and P3) 2. GGFB owned a piece of land (P4) 3. 1 piece of land in GGFB's name was transferred to GF (after GGF and GGFB's death) a few years ago (as GGFB had no legal heir or dependants) 4. 3 pieces of land in GGF's name was transferred to GF (after GGF and GGFB's death) - (no share given to GGFD and her legal heir) - GGFD was dead at the time 5. Before GF's death 1 piece of land (P1) belonging to GF was gifted to Mb1, Mb2 an Mb3 with his own consent (nobody else was approached) ADDITIONAL DETAILS 1. My GF had mortgaged P2 for an amount and had failed to repay it to vendor. My dad Mb1 paid the amount in 1989 and mortgaged it to my mother (as a documented lease till amount is repaid) - signed by Mb1 and Mb2 who were major male heir at that time 2. There was a litigation on P1 which my GF won in court - my uncles Mb2 and Mb3 spent money for this 3. For all transfers and legal work my uncle Mb2 spent money and nobody else paid any money QUESTIONS 1. Who will have right on P4? 2. My dad Mb1 claims that since he spent money on getting mortgaged property and should either get compounded interest @ 18% pa or get 1/8th share in P2. What is best for all parties? An what's best for my dad? 3. My uncle Mb2 claims that since he spent money on various maintenance activities he should be compensated or get 1/8th share (although there is no document proof of exact amount spent). What's best for all parties? And what's best for my uncle? 4. We are planning to split property into 7 equal shares in P2, P3 and P4(6 shares for 6 children of GF and 1 share for GM). Do Fb1, Fb2 and Fb3 married before 2000 have equal rights on property (Do they have any right?) 5. P1 will be shared between Mb1, Mb2 and Mb3 as it was gifted by GF. Is there any legal hurdle? 6. Does GGFD and her legal heir have any claim on the property (any piece of land)?