Got cheated from visa agent

I am planning to file a complaint against fake El Shaddai Service agent named Andrew Vincent from Bangalore. Beware of this fake person. He himself told that he is an authorized agent of Malaysia, Singapore, Kuwait who gives work permits and professional permits but he is so cheaper and fake person. He sends persons on visitor visa to Malaysia by giving commitment that after reaching there your visa will be converted to work visa. After Reaching Malaysia his Agents try to kidnap and sell me and my friends. He also Promised he will give Epass for singapore and took 3lacks from each of us total 2 people = 6 lacks. From my friend he promised for study in singapore. I have attached my documents plz go through and he sent us to Malaysia again he took 1lack extra apart from 6lack. I have proof and bank statement also can i put case on him Consultancy name: El Shaddai Service. Website: Name: Andrew Phone no: 8892540903, 8861011357, 9986535679. You can contact me on