Salary not providing by the employer

Hi I am doing job in the private software company since September 2015. Now on the August 13th they said you can discontinue from here. I said ok no problem. But they said that you have to complete the pending tasks before 31st of August. Everything was going good. On the 27 august they have assigned me the new tasks into the project which was already done from my side. So It took 4-5 days to complete. Now it is 3 Sep. Now all is done from my side. Then they gave me another project which on which I am not currently working but I did that too. So Now Sep 12. And next day all of colleague the salary but I Haven't got. I talk to them. They said that you will get your salary when you will complete the all the projects. And You will get only the August month salary. And If I do the projects It will take around 15-30 days to the final submission of projects. And they are not giving my salary. And just say that your performance was not good. So Please let me know what should I do now? Thanks Gopal Devra