Booked under 279/338 IPC act.

I have recently met with an accident. I was riding my scooty with a friend of mine when a cyclist from the opposite side was coming towards my direction looking elsewhere. I immediately turned my scooty to the furtherest corner of the road. Unfortunately the cycle hit directly in my friend's leg and it got broken. I too lost my balance and along with the cyclist I fell down. There was no one else on the road. After sometime a few local people came and put us in an auto after which we went to the hospital where my friend had to undergo a surgery. I later returned to the spot to take possession of my scooty but the locals refused to hand it over to me. I have all the original papers with me. I then went to the police station of that area and submitted a written complaint regarding the matter. Now police have filed a false case against me under IPC 279/338 which states that I deliberate hit a man who was walking on the road. I have gone to the court and hired an advocate to get bail and get possession of my scooty. I have been given bail for a sum of Rs 1000. And the court has ordered for report from the I.O. I have the following queries:- 1. What if the I.O sends a bad report to the court, will my bail be affected? And how will I be able to get back my vehicle if such happens? 2. What would be the bond bail amount for my scooty to release it from the police? 3. At present the cyclist is alive. The accident had occured last month. What will happen if the cyclist dies later on, will the case be affected as the police might say that he suffered damage from this accident and thats why he died. We have suffered much graver injuries. Is there any way we could show our medical reports to save ourselves from the false case. Thanks in advance Asif Iqbal.