Distribution of property

I am bachelor 25, living with my joint family in which my parents, and one eldest married brother(a wife,2 sons and one daughter) and 2 elders married sisters are. My father (age 65) is the only heir of my grandfather property (one house and lands) and my father sold some part of this lands and acquired some other land. At this time my father's properties ( one house other than my grandfather's house and lands other than my grandfather's land) are. But all immovable properties are in the name of my father. My mother also has some land in the name of her that is got from her mother's heir. My questions are 1) my father's /grandfather's properties ancestral? 2) my married sisters the heirs to take equal share as me and my brother have in my father's and my mother's properties. 3) my father's owned properties whether acquired or transferred by my grandfather, the sole and independent owner to take decision as he please. Please provide very relevant laws and details about the distribution of that properties whether it is of my father's and my mother's properties or transferred through by my grandfather to my father. Thanking you sir