Experience letter

I was working in a private company at infopark. I joined on november 25,2015.On february they told me they will terminate me for not performing well. the deadline was 1st march. but somehow i continued there. on may 24th i notified my resignation by words. the manager opened online portal for putting resignation notification 2 days later i.e 26th may. On 24th itself i informed i can stay only till 20th june. the notice period was 45 days inside 6 month of joining, else it was 15 days. I completed 6 months on 23rd may by calculating on days. when i talked to hr they said i can relieve by buyout option. i was ready to pay for the remaining days but the operations team denied my chance for the buyout option and informed that i will not be relieved on 20th june.I worked till 20th june and asked for relieving, reason for not relieving early, papers for proof etc. but they didn't give me anything.so i didn't went to work after 20th june. The person who told i will be terminated on march himself raised job absconding.Is it possible me to get my experience letter and salary.please advice