Breach of trust and acquired our property

My father has 4 brothers and he being third son he was not even given sufficient cash during the time of partition from the family business. we all were close initially but later as me and my sister grew it was hard to stay in a joint family with those many people so my grandfather decided that my father and his elder brother should buy a house in a nearby area so that we'd still be close to each other and live like that. my father agreed without saying a word. now the worst mistake happened, the money for our house was taken from us in the year 2000 but on paper the house is in the name of my father's elder brother. my father trusted everyone and didn't bother to get the signature of our house thinking that he is my brother and what bad will he do his own real brother. in the year 2013 my uncle under who the house was on paper by fraud took a lot of money from the firm without telling anyone and was caught red handed. he from then doesn't talk to anyone in the family and by fraud he had 3 property under his name that he won't give us signature of because it's ours. when we wanted to shift from this house we didn't had enough money to buy another so we had to sell the current one but then he is not giving us signature of our own house. we feel doomed and in deep trouble. he is just playing cruel games with us and feeling that he is in power, he is provoking us every single day so that we get mad at him and say something bad to him and make him angry so he gets a reason to threaten us more. my father feels all alone sir. it's like no place to go help us thank you.